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NPORS is an alternative to the CPCS scheme. It offers accredited training much like CPCS does, and offers registration and verification – much in the same way that EUSR PLUS does.

NPORS is fast becoming one of the most recognised accredited training schemes in the United Kingdom.

Some companies actually prefer NPORS to CPCS training and testing as NPORS arguably offers more flexibility. NPORS still ensures compliance with strict standards in the same way as CPCS. NPORS also offers cost savings over CPCS.

NPORS Accredited Training Provider For Essex and London in the UK

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Both CPCS and NPORS have pros and cons. The main benefit of CPCS is that it is so widely recognised.

The majority of construction sites in the United Kingdom will accept CPCS as a form of accredited training on construction plant machinery. The main con of CPCS is that it can work out costly and time-consuming.

NPORS is a cost-effective alternative to CPCS testing. It is also arguably more flexible than CPCS as training can be done on-site, instead of being restricted to a CPCS centre.

Companies considering NPORS will also need to factor in the prospect of it not being acceptable on sites that they are currently working on or are due to work in the future.


The main benefit of NPORS is the flexibility in venues.

NPORS training and experienced worker assessments can take place on-site and don’t have to take place at a test centre.

However, we can still offer training and assessment at our venue in Billericay on the following plant machinery:

  • 360 Excavator
  • Telescopic Handler
  • Forward Tipping Dumper
  • Lorry Loader

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NPORS Accredited Training Provider For Essex and London in the UK
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